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Open Source Community in Israel 🌐

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Why Contribute to Open Source?

Experienced Developers? By contributing to open source, other experienced developers in various technologies will review your code and provide you with valuable feedback, pushing you forward.

Juniors? In addition to learning and improving your skills, contributing to open source is the closest thing to real-world experience you can gain on your own. Code you write that passes a code review by a senior in the industry adds significantly to your resume and demonstrates your high-level coding skills.

Why Join the Community?

Introduce Yourself and Meet Others: The community is built on personal connections. We would be happy if you share what you’re looking for and your abilities.

Get Involved in Suitable Projects: Community projects are organized by languages and different technologies. You can easily find a project that interests you and use your favorite technologies.

Build Relationships: We encourage community members to share their social networks (e.g., LinkedIn) to create new connections.

Professional Development: Want to become a professional in open source? We’re here to help. We have tutorial channels and people who can guide you.

How to Contribute Code?

If you’ve never contributed to open source before, you can practice your first contribution with us (simply adding a text file to a project). We’ve created a special experimental project where you can make code contributions to learn how code contributions work on GitHub. There is also a detailed guide explaining how to contribute to this project.

WhatsApp Quiet Updates Group: Here

WhatsApp Group with Open Chat: Here

YouTube Channel with Tutorials and Tips: Here

And a playlist designed to help you enter the world of open source: Here

Stuck? Need Help? Don’t hesitate to reach out to community members for assistance. Our goal is to increase the number of open source contributors in Israel, and we’re happy to guide and mentor you in entering the world of open source.