Welcome to the Ma’akaf Open-Source Community

We’re thrilled to have you as a part of Ma’akaf, the vibrant Israeli open-source community that’s all about connecting, collaborating, and innovating. As you embark on your journey with us, let’s explore what it means to be a member of our community and the services and opportunities you can embrace.

Our Core Values

At the heart of Ma’akaf, we hold two core values close to our mission:

  1. Open Source Collaboration: We believe in the power of open source. Collaboration, transparency, and the spirit of giving back to the tech world are the driving forces behind what we do. Whether you’re a seasoned open-source contributor or just starting your journey, you’ll find a home here.

  2. Proactive, Entrepreneurial Mindset: We encourage action and responsibility. In the world of open source, taking initiative is key. As a member of Ma’akaf, we’ll inspire and support your entrepreneurial spirit, guiding you toward success in the open-source realm.

Your Membership Benefits

As a member of Ma’akaf, you have access to a world of services and opportunities:

  1. The Dynamic Discord Community: Our active Discord server is the beating heart of Ma’akaf, with over 1300 members strong. It’s the place to connect with fellow developers, explore their interests, and assess their skills. Join discussions, collaborate on projects, and get to know passionate developers within the community.

  2. Meetups: Join us at our meetups, both in-person and online, where we bring our community together. Engage with developers face-to-face, understand their skills, and build valuable connections.

  3. WhatsApp Groups: We offer dedicated WhatsApp groups where you can engage in real-time discussions, seek advice, and share knowledge with fellow members. It’s a dynamic space for instant communication and support.

  4. YouTube Channel: Explore our YouTube channel, where you’ll find insightful content on open source and community activities. Learn, be inspired, and contribute to our ever-evolving world.

  5. Mentorship: Looking to grow and learn from seasoned developers? We offer mentorship opportunities, connecting you with senior developers who can guide you on your open-source journey. Learn from the best and take your skills to the next level.

  6. Contributing to Projects: Our community hosts a variety of projects, each with a helpful maintainer ready to assist you. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced contributor, our projects offer a platform to collaborate and make meaningful contributions to the open-source world.

Join the Mission

By being part of the Ma’akaf community, you join a mission to connect and empower Israeli developers in the open-source world. Together, we shape the future of technology, push the boundaries of innovation, and give back to the tech ecosystem.

Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting your open-source journey, you’re an integral part of this mission. Get involved, ask questions, and build connections within our community. You’re about to discover the next generation of talented Israeli programmers, ready to collaborate and share their skills and expertise.

Welcome to Ma’akaf! Let’s make incredible things happen together.