Welcome to Maakaf community website!

Maakaf is an Israeli open-source community.
We are interested in encouraging innovation, creativity and answering the problems that exist in today's development world.
Developers rely on open-source libraries to support their existing code base, some of the most popular code libraries today are open-source libraries.
We are interested in encouraging the existence of this community and establishing it as one of the most prolific programmers' communitiy in the country.

We believe that contributing to open-source can be an opening for finding unexpected talents in the development world, which can help recruiters and leaders in various companies to find quality people and establish their qualities quickly.
Our community is filled with talented people which are highly motivated to learn and develop their skills.

There are more than 1300 members in the community,
and more than 20 active projects!

The most interesting things in our community:

How can you connect to the activity in our community?


First time in open-source


Experienced in contributing to open-source code


Maintainers of open-source code libraries


Companies interested in strengthening the community


Recruit talented programmers

If you are brand new programmers to the world of open source code,
we have created a special guide just for you, and we've also uploaded YouTube videos to teach you what the first steps are to join the open source code world.

If you are experienced programmers contributing to open source code,
you are welcome to join our community activities -
how to participate in Maakaf's community activities?

If you are maintainers of open-source code libraries,
you are welcome to add your project to the community's activities -
how to add a new project to the community?

If you are companies interested in strengthening the community,
you are welcome to join the community as sponsors -
how to become a sponsor of Maakaf's community?

If you are recruiting programmers,
you are welcome to get to know the community members and find a programmer among them who suits your job -
how to recruit programmers through the Maakaf community?